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The future of manufacturing is open

Nexus is Hexagon’s new Digital Reality Platform for manufacturers that connects people, technologies and data to accelerate innovation and bring ideas to life faster than ever before.

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About Nexus

Nexus is an open platform that is designed to scale to the needs of manufacturers, and grow with you as you digitalise the product lifecycle from engineering to production and quality management. Hexagon has developed the Nexus platform with portal and core capabilities.

Nexus Portal

The Nexus Portal is highly customised and personalised to you, giving you the space to review and access all the Hexagon (and partner) products. This includes the ability to download software, research products, schedule training, access eLearning, join product support forums and even receive personalised product recommendations based on your search history.

Nexus Core

Nexus Core is both a toolbox and workspace to bring your engineering and manufacturing processes to life. 

Why use Nexus?

With Nexus, we aim to facilitate connections across the whole manufacturing lifecycle, thereby helping teams collaborate seamlessly using our software and devices and third-party tools.

Discover new solutions

Improve efficiencies within your manufacturing process by using an integrated portfolio of Hexagon products.

An experience designed just for you

Manage your existing products, learn about new ones, and discover training courses and related educational reading material.

Get tailored support

Gain quick and easy access to technical support teams and interact with industry experts via community forums.

Metrology Reporting

A centralised, cloud-based software which provides manufacturers with real-time metrology information and insights, leading to faster and better decision making.

Materials Connect

Materials Connect is hosted in a cloud-based environment to supply all material data in a single and central repository that is accessible to all data consumers. 

Materials Enrich

Materials Enrich combines material modelling with machine learning technologies to augment material data efficiently and intelligently with accurate predictions. 

Design for Additive Manufacturing

A cloud-based solution and connected ecosystem that streamlines the manufacturing process workflow and reduces design and engineering lead time.