Centralise material information in a single point of truth to gain in productivity

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MaterialCenter offers interactive tools for searching, plotting, and viewing material data that enable engineers to take better, smarter, and higher quality decisions.

Managing material data with seamless traceability across the product lifecycle

Material data management is instrumental in reducing development times and accelerating innovation by providing quick and easy access to reliable material data. MaterialCenter serves as a scalable system that integrates with Microsoft Excel and other third-party CAE applications, enhancing the accuracy of simulations with appropriate material data to support informed decision-making.

Based on a centralised platform, MaterialCenter facilitates collaboration among different teams through streamlined processes with work requests and approval workflows that ensure the consistency of data. Moreover, MaterialCenter includes full traceability throughout the material lifecycle, secures confidential data and ensures compliance with industry regulations.

Value & Benefits: 

  • Manage large amounts of material data from a central location
  • Find information you need fast, with complete traceability
  • Streamline processes to accelerate product development times
  • Collaborate effectively with work requests and approval workflows
  • Customise the interface to suit your internal processes and workflow needs

Key features:

  • Easy navigation through the database
    • Web-based interface with material and property detailed views and plots
    • Graphical and interactive basic and advanced search capabilities
    • Import and export of material data in various formats
  • Enhanced processes and workflows
    • Administration of users’ roles and permissions
    • Controlled access with security labels
    • Work requests and approval workflows
  • Integration and scalability
    • Excel add-in with mapping templates
    • Access commercially available databanks
    • Integration with other Hexagon and third-party applications
    • Queuing and high-performance computing (HPC) for demanding needs
    • Compatibility with Oracle, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL servers