Leitz PMM Gold

Small volume, sub-micron accuracy coordinate measuring machine

A coordinate measuring machine specifically for small volume  and sub micron inspection tasks

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Offering multi-sensor capability, the Leitz PMM Gold ensures fragile parts are measured safely with low force tactile probing and optional non-contact measurement. The fixed-bridge design and moving table technology enable ultra-high precision and efficient movement, while an active vibration damping system ensures stable measurement. A scale resolution of 5 nm guarantees highly accurate machine positioning and measurement reproducibility. 

With its closed frame and sub-micron accuracy, Leitz PMM Gold makes high precision quality more efficient and more cost effective.
  • Features & benefits
    Unmatched precision
    The unique closed-frame machine design with its moving table technology guarantees ultra-high precision and excellent repeatability.

    High stability
    To ensure high stability during measurements, the Leitz PMM Gold is equipped with an integrated active damping system, eliminating floor vibrations.

    High flexibility
    The integrated SENMATION SX sensor exchange interface allows the use of different tactile and optical sensors.

    Status visualisation
    Integrated message lighting allows the machine status to be seen at a glance.

    Saving floorspace
    With its small footprint, the Leitz PMM Gold makes low sub-micron accuracy easier accessible in space-critical environments.
  • Related information
    HP-S-X1C – tactile probing
    The versatility and high accuracy of this probe makes it optimal for a broad range of applications. HP-S-X1C offers dynamic single-point inspection, high-speed continuous scanning for rapid data collection, as well as self-centring measurements for highly accurate form and contour inspection.

    With a probing force as low as 0.1 N, the HP-S-X1C ensures there is no damage or deformation when measuring small, fragile components. The Leitz PMM Gold 7.7.5 comes equipped with this fixed tactile scanning probe as standard.

    HP-S-X1LF – ultra-low force probing
    This probe combines the high-precision scanning and single-point probing capabilities of the HP-S-X1C with a probing force ranging between 0.05 and 0.6N. The ultra-low probing force parameters of the HP-S-X1LF make it ideal for the most sensitive part surfaces, from lens barrels of smartphones to micromechanical parts.

    PRECITEC S0.3 – non-contact measurement
    The optical PRECITEC S0.3 is an optional addition to Leitz PMM Gold, offering extra capabilities for non-contact measurement of more challenging materials and surfaces, such as glass and coated surfaces. This white light sensor delivers excellent accuracy at the submicron level.  

    SENMATION SX – automatic sensor change

    SENMATION SX makes measurement flexibility simpler and more efficient by enabling automatic sensor exchange within a part program. As an optional configuration, SENMATION SX allows users to select the right tactile or optical probe for the right application at the right time, with smooth sensor changes requiring no recalibration after exchange.

    Rotary tables – Increased throughput and accessibility
    With a rotary table 4-axes measurement can easily be carried out. It supports speeding up measurement time and simplifying accessibility, especially for optical sensors. The high precision Leitz rotary table RT2 uses pre-stressed air bearings and can carry up to 50 kg.
  • Technical data
     Model  X stroke [mm]  Y stroke [m]  Z stroke [mm]
     7.7.5  700  700  500

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    Buy CMM accessories online

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Leitz Infinity

Highest precision and reliability – the Leitz Infinity is the most accurate 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) within its class and enables the combination of optical and tactile sensors in one measurement system. 

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Identify your spare parts with confidence and benefit from fast UPS delivery.