Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 Scanner Bundle

Unbeatable measurement on a budget with the AT960-SR scanning bundle

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Some applications don’t need the expensive large volume capabilities of advanced laser trackers, but still demand high-end accuracy. That’s why we’ve created this special 3D scanner bundle for smaller-scale inspection tasks.

Not every application needs the full measuring volume our Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 series has to offer.

Our latest model, the AT960-SR, is a high-end laser tracker system designed for shorter-range scanning applications, so you’re only paying for the performance you need.

The system is available in a special bundle together with our leading handheld laser scanner, the Leica Absolute Scanner LAS*, to create a package of unbeatable value for high-performance metrology.

*AT960-SR scanning bundle also available with Leica T-Scan 5 portable laser scanner.

High-end measurement at a smaller investment

By downsizing the expensive technology that allows other AT960 models to function over measurement volumes of up to 160 metres in diameter, we’ve delivering unmatched value in the world of portable, high-quality, non-contact metrology.

This bundle significantly reduces the entry costs for portable high-end 3D part digitisation, opening up this innovative technology for applications which previously would not justify the expense of a full-volume laser tracker.

Smaller applications are everywhere

Smaller-scale applications for which an AT960-SR system would meet every need exist across almost every sector in which high-accuracy metrology is important. This makes the AT960-SR a better value option for cost-conscious businesses and organisations across a wide range of industries:
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Railways
  • Research
  • Many more 

Leica Absolute Tracker AT960

The AT960 is our flagship laser tracker, the standard for high-quality portable metrology. Designed with the latest in high-end measurement technology, the AT960 offers a range of unbeatable features that deliver full 3D and 6DoF measurement functionality.

The new AT960-SR delivers every single one of the features of the other AT960 models, but over a reduced measurement volume of up to 12 metres in radius – ideal for more compact measurement applications:
  • Automatic measurement-point detection and tracking with exclusive PowerLock function.
  • Moving target data collection at up to 1000 points per second with real-time architecture.
  • Full IP54 environmental protection.
  • Mini variozoom camera technology ensures full 6DoF functionality.
  • Integrated MeteoStation environmental monitor.
  • Built-in WiFi operation.
  • Optional hot-swappable battery power capability.
  • System weight of just 14 kilograms.

Powered by our proprietary Absolute Interferometer (AIFM) technology, the AT960 delivers unmatched accuracy across a range of measurement modes:
  • Maximum distance uncertainty of just 10 microns.
  • Reflector measurement accurate to within 15 microns.
  • Probing accurate to within 35 microns with Leica T-Probe accessory. 

Leica Absolute Scanner LAS

The AT960-SR system comes bundled with our leading handheld laser scanner, the Leica Absolute Scanner LAS. The full range of features of the LAS make it a market leader in 3D part digitisation:
  • “Flying-dot” scanning concept delivers best-in-class multi-surface-type scanning.
  • Automatic surface type adjustment.
  • Self-identifying sensor for quick changes between scanning, probing and reflector measurement.
  • Measurement profile adjustment directly on the scanner.
  • Battery operation reduces connection to just a single flexible network cable.
  • Robust IP50-rated design.
  • Haptic, acoustic and visual feedback.

Despite its convenient handheld form factor, the LAS delivers high-end non-contact measurement accuracy:
  • Accuracy to within 50 microns for sphere radius measurement.
  • Accuracy to within 60 microns for spatial length component measurements.
  • Related information
    With a 3D measurement volume of up to 12 metres and a 6DoF measuring volume of up to 10 metres, the AT960-SR is a short range model designed to offer better value to users with less expansive measurement needs. The AT960-SR comes bundled with a Leica Absolute Scanner or Leica T-Scan 5 laser scanner.

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