IMC| Intelligent Machine Control

Intelligent monitoring and control of the production process

Q-DAS Intelligent Machine Control software shown on monitor in marquee

Stable process by continuously monitoring

IMC ensures a stable process by continuously monitoring, evaluating and correcting the resulting measurements.

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Facilitate lights out manufacturing with automated tool offset correction

IMC utilises SPC driven intelligence and delivers an automatic feedback loop for production machining companies wanting to achieve consistent quality component manufacturing on their machine tools.

Product capabilities

Agnostic data integration

IMC uses measurement and inspection data from any source. Manual gauges, in-line measurements or fully automated from a CMM.

Nor does it matter how you want to use IMC. You can leave it to IMC to decide whether to make a correction, or you can choose to check each value in advance.

A clear dashboard keeps you informed about your machines and current projects.

An alert system keeps you informed of deviations by email. IMC works perfectly with your Q-DAS database. Other SPC systems can also be connected.

Efficient links between the machine, machine measurement and external systems, giving you greater insight and control over your production process.

In times of increasing cost and competitive pressure, it is important to make the right decisions in the company quickly and proactively. In a world with increasing floods of data, data analysis is becoming increasingly important in many companies.

Statistical evaluation instead of snapshots

Comprehensible statistical analysis instead of many snapshots. This gives you a better overview and more control over your production process quickly and easily.

The evaluation method compensates tool wear and temperature changes by using relevant parameters and mathematical strategies. Tool corrections are calculated and applied automatically. Quick gut decisions for tool correction are a thing of the past.

What's new in IMC?

  • IMC Version 5

    IMC V5 new functionalities can be split into two major groups with a motto of “Make it simple” and “Make it usable”. We have been working on the simplification of the onboarding process and changing the UI to help our users to easily connect CNC machines, load projects from the measuring equipment’s easily pair CNC tools with statistical feature characteristics and let IMC take control of the production.

    Setup wizard

    The new setup wizard guides our users through their first steps with IMC. It will help to select the right K-Fields to match with QDAS, set up e-mail client and connect their CNC machine. 

    Setup wizard


    Macro editor

    Some of the CNC machine macros might need some tailoring to suit the shop floor machine. Macro editor will help to keep the latest macro in IMC up to date relevant to their CNC machine.

    Macro editor

    New pricelist

    New module and new price list has been introduced to make sure our customers can select the right level of automation tailored to their NC controller capabilities.


    New Languages

    IMC release new languages to cover most spoken languages on earth. It will help our users and CNC operators to use IMC on their native language on the shopfloor. Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish are now among the supported languages.

     New Languages

    New CNC controller supports

    Our team getting more and more interest from the US and Japanese markets where HAAS and Mitsubishi controllers are more common and on respond to that our development team work on these controllers and ready to take on some pilot customers.

  • IMC Version 4

    The latest release of Intelligent Machine Control allows you to make even smarter tool corrections with more autonomy and connectivity.

    Controller support 

    • IMC currently supports controllers from Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens, Okuma and Mazak milling machines
    • New flexible and fast interface for all common Siemens controllers.

    Work offset 

    Work offsets allow you to correct a part datum on Fanuc controllers. (Support of other controllers is planned).

    GUI (Graphical User Interface) 

    • General improvements of the GUI
    • New filter and search functions for a larger base of projects and machines
    • Implementation of a user management with different right levels
    • IMC Notification System 
    • Status information of an IMC Project can now be sent via email.


  • IMC Version 3

    Enabling the automated feedback loop for production

    The latest release of Intelligent Machine Control (IMC) allows you to make even smarter tool corrections with more autonomy and connectivity.

    New architecture allows for autonomy 

    The new IMC V3 service architecture brings new levels of autonomy with the ability to run in the background with no need for operator interaction after the system is setup.

    Web based GUI 

    The latest release introduces a new web-based interface allowing users to access machines, products, and project configurations from any computer connected to the internal network.

    Even more controllers

    Adding to its list of supported controllers, IMC V3 is now able to connect to Mazak and Okuma controllers via Smooth OMM and NCGage. Other supported controllers include Fanuc, Siemens and Heidenhain, making it even more accessible to manufacturing companies.

    More control with User/Group Administration 

    The new version of IMC also introduces access/permissions control. Only authorized users can create, edit, or delete information related to machines, tool geometries, products, and projects.