Public safety records management system (RMS)

HxGN OnCall Records is a robust RMS that enables quick data entry and real-time alerts, immediate search and retrieval and extensive reporting capabilities.

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HxGN OnCall Records is a cloud-deployable RMS that serves all facets of law enforcement operations and administration.

Out of the box, HxGN OnCall Records can help your agency:

  • Streamline records capture and management
  • Reduce administrative burdens
  • Enhance data quality
  • Harness complete information
  • Enable real-time, rules-based alerts
  • Provide visual reports and analytics all roles can use
  • Comply with laws and regulations
  • Adapt to change and agency needs
  • Support on-premises and cloud deployment
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Integrate with computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and mobile systems

A flexible and scalable solution, HxGN OnCall Records allows agencies to quickly capture and harness information to reduce officer paperwork, inform investigations, streamline administration and effectively manage resources to enhance community safety.


More productive

Reduce manual and duplicative tasks so officers can spend less time writing reports at the station and more time building relationships in their communities.

Comprehensive capabilities

Leverage complete law enforcement capabilities, including field and office reporting, data management, investigations, property and custody management and analytics.

Scalable & configurable

Offer support for single- or multi-agency use, simplified customization through configuration and built-in interfacing capabilities for easier integration.

Cloud deployable

Provide the combined advantages of an enterprise system with the benefits of a secure, browser-based solution and simple administration.

Better informed

Deliver complete information with unified data and search and query capabilities and extend insights with visual reporting and analytics.

Accessible & convenient

Support PCs, laptops and mobile devices with easy-to-use browser clients and apps and enable connected and disconnected operations in the field.


Police & law enforcement

Streamlines workflows to reduce administrative burdens and increase awareness by delivering instant access to information and real-time alerts.


Provides efficient centralized administration of records and regulation compliance and modernizes statutory reporting and data submission.


Delivers greater insight by leveraging comprehensive data, cross-module search and easy-to-use analytics capabilities.

Records management products

  • Administration

    HxGN OnCall Records links people, property, places and related records in a unified database to dramatically increase law enforcement efficiency and effectiveness. Its streamlined, integrated workflows make it faster and easier to capture and manage records with fewer errors and delays. 

    The unified data supports comprehensive search and query capabilities that provide more complete information. Centralized management provides secure, controlled and auditable access to records and capabilities. Task-oriented modules and workflows allow agencies to follow processes correctly, while built-in validation ensures reports are submitted without errors.

  • Citizen reporting

    HxGN OnCall Records | Citizen Reporting, part of the HxGN OnCall Records suite, is a public-facing, cloud-based portal designed to speed residents’ interactions with law enforcement agencies, provide more transparency and help relieve staffing issues facing public safety departments and local governments. 

    The Citizen Reporting portal is linked to a law enforcement agency’s OnCall Records RMS. Residents can file preliminary police reports for minor incidents, leave anonymous tips, file a request for city services or view crime or accident maps for their areas depending on the agency’s customizable configuration.

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  • Field-based reporting

    The ability to search and update from the field is essential to enhance awareness, speed workflows and increase efficiency. HxGN OnCall Records supports patrols with HxGN OnCall Records | Mobile Field Reporting, a browser client optimized for in-unit devices. It also supports HxGN OnCall Records | Mobile, a mobile app for capturing information with hand-held devices, including RMS searches, interviews, bookings, citations and accident diagrams. With HxGN OnCall Records mobile apps, officers can spend less time writing reports at the station and more time building relationships in their communities.

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  • Jail management

    The optional HxGN OnCall Records | Jail module allows agencies with small- to medium-sized facilities to manage all jail functions, from booking to release. It offers a variety of benefits, including automating workflows to ensure correct due process, documenting all events and inmate activities and maintaining an auditable log of system activities. 

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  • Reporting and analytics

    The HxGN OnCall Records suite supports the reporting and analytics capabilities needed for governance and investigations. It enables efficient preparation of statutory reports and data submissions. HxGN OnCall Records works with HxGN OnCall Analytics, which provides easy-to-use analytics and visual reports that allow users agencywide to monitor events, align resources to demand, supervise performance, maintain governance and oversight and much more.

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Deploy HxGN OnCall in the Cloud

The HxGN OnCall managed service brings next-generation public safety technologies to agencies of all sizes with reduced resources and CapEx.

U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service

The U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service uses an enterprise RMS from Hexagon.

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