HxGN Metrology Reporting

Simple, intelligent, and accessible cloud-based software providing centralised reporting functionality

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About Metrology Reporting

Discover HxGN Metrology Reporting, the future of centralised reporting and visualisation

What is HxGN Metrology Reporting

HxGN Metrology Reporting is a simple, intelligent and accessible cloud-based software solution designed to provide a central location for metrology reporting and visualisation. 

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Why choose HxGN Metrology Reporting?

HxGN Metrology Reporting ensures ease-of-access to metrology reports


Intuitive UX principles and user driven workflows provide quick and efficient access to required data and insights.


Work seamlessly with data from both PC-DMIS and QUINDOS to view metrology data, as well as gain insights across all or individual parts.


Easily log in and authenticate via an internet browser to access the software and all metrology data wherever and whenever it is needed.

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