Real-time collaboration in the cloud

HxGN Connect enables organizations to easily share and act on data in a secure environment to power real-time crime, incident and operations centers.

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HxGN Connect brings data and people together into a unified view for shared awareness, collaboration and action.

A cloud-native, real-time incident center as a service, it allows you to securely share information and coordinate action based on different types of data, including assets, events and incidents, units, cameras, alarms and more.

HxGN Connect complements organizations’ existing systems, providing a richer, unified view of information with built-in messaging and tasking to enable both unplanned, ad hoc engagement and ongoing, daily structured collaboration.

Easily connect and update data, message and assign tasks to users, and break down barriers between departments, organizations, cities and regions.


Bridges gaps & breaks down barriers

Helps organizations manage incidents, share data, and coordinate action with a visual collaboration workspace not available elsewhere.

Enhances performance & safety

Increases performance and safety for day-to-day planning and operations and spontaneous emergency and crisis situations.

Seamlessly scales

Adjusts to fit your workflows – whether routine, ad hoc, within an organization, or across a city or region.

Expands capabilities

Works alongside your existing business systems, giving you additional insights and capabilities to communicate and coordinate with others.

Ensures data security

Allows collaborating partners to retain ownership and control of their data.

Accelerates ROI

Offers lower cost of ownership through simplified data integration, system deployment, and maintenance.

Key features

Seamless data integration

Build, manage, and maintain your own interfaces with HxGN Connect's unique data sharing capabilities powered by Hexagon's Xalt | Integration.

Data sharing controls

Responsibly and securely share the data you want, with whom you want, under the conditions you set.

Assistive AI

Mine incoming operational data, detect patterns and anomalies and deliver insights to aid your teams.

Responsive, ad hoc capabilities

Set up new layouts, change data sharing rules, scale to the scope of an event, and create collaboration channels that dynamically add people and assets.

Support for diverse roles

Communicate and collaborate with those from other functions, roles, and organizations – including internal departments and external partners.

Collaboration in the cloud

Simplify deployment and reduce barriers to entry, with no need to procure, manage, or maintain new IT infrastructure.

HxGN Connect

This cloud-native, SaaS collaborative workspace brings data and people together in a unified view for shared awareness, coordination, and action.

From silos to common purpose

Discover how collaboration and real-time data sharing can help police forces save lives and better serve the public.

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