Hexagon Blast Movement Monitors

Safely and accurately track blasts to minimise loss and dilution with blast movement sensor-software.

HxGN MineMeasure Blast Movement Monitors

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Main benefits

Maximise Ore Yield

Controlling ore loss and dilution is critical as the downstream revenue impact can be up to tens of millions of dollars per year.

Reduce waste sent to plant

Accounting for ore movement post-blast leads to maximum ore sent to the mill, and waste to the waste pile.

Maximise potential of the orebody

Accurate blast information enables grade control to recover all of the planned resource and achieve the true life of the pit.
HxGN MineMeasure Blast Movement Monitors

Safely minimise ore loss and increase ore recovery

Hexagon Blast Movement Monitors (BMMs) increase ore recovery. Remaining dormant until sensing a blast, BMMs are timed to activate when you are ready to detect, resulting in more accurate dig lines and post-blast polygons. BMMs are installed in monitoring holes days or weeks ahead of a blast, making it easy to coordinate installation with production or to stay one step ahead of weather events.

Data from BMMs, which move with the blasted material, results in redefined ore boundaries that accurately reflect measured movement. The software calculates the post-blast 3D movement location of the ore polygons and outputs new dig lines. This enables production teams to dig in the precise location of the ore and waste.

Simplified activation

Blast Movement Monitors remain dormant until activation by a blast. There is also optional post-blast activation delay available that can be set in one-hour increments, up to 99 hours.

Flexible installation

Blast Movement Monitors can improve coordination with mine work procedures. Installation can be performed days or weeks ahead of a blast to adapt to shot planning or adverse weather.

More accurate diglines

Activating at blast maximizes detection signal strength, improving detection rates of Blast Movement Monitors. A constant signal is transmitted for a minimum of 12 hours upon activation.

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