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The GLOBAL S coordinate measuring machine (CMM) delivers measurement productivity tailored to your workflow, addressing the widest range of production requirements including throughput, precision, multi-purpose and shop-floor capabilities. 

With productivity being the key competitive driver in manufacturing, it’s crucial that the measurement process provides the data required for the application and fits seamlessly into the production workflow and cycle times. The GLOBAL S coordinate measuring machine (CMM) provides superior measurement performance and enhanced productivity for your specific production needs.

Designed by Pininfarina and powered by the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Enhanced Productivity Series (EPS) concept, GLOBAL S combines smart technologies including user experience enhancements, advanced software and eco-friendly options to provide measurement solutions with three performance levels: Green, Blue and Chrome, to suit the requirements of your application. EPS machines allow you to select your main productivity driver: throughput, precision, flexibility or shop-floor measurement, and configure the machine with the best capability package for that driver. GLOBAL S can also be fully-customised to suit the most challenging production environments.

Through a highly-configurable technology platform, GLOBAL S ensures that quality engineers creating measurement routines, operators executing the inspection, and quality managers analysing the data all have the solution needed to ensure continuous improvement in the production workflow.
  • Capability packages

    By selecting one of the capability packages available for GLOBAL S, you can combine technologies to tailor the solution to best suit your needs.

    The Throughput capability package is ideal for manufacturers who require short measurement cycles without compromising accuracy.

    GLOBAL S with the Throughput capability package offers:

    • Up to 10% time-savings in measuring cycles with Fly2 Mode, the trajectory-control technology that automatically optimises routes between measurement points, reducing measurement operation execution times
    • Maximised scanning throughput with high accuracy using Compass technology, the advanced vibration reduction system available on the Chrome performance level
    • High throughput when scanning complex profiles and when the path is unknown, using the advanced firmware algorithms of Scan Pilot

    Manufacturers producing parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances requiring the highest level of accuracy will benefit from the Precision capability package.

    GLOBAL S with the Precision capability package offers:

    • Highly-accurate data capture and scanning confidence using Compass technology to compensate for the intrinsic vibration of the CMM 
    • Reduced measurement uncertainty with fixed head probes such as the HP-S-X5 providing highly-accurate tactile scanning data

    The Multi-Purpose capability package is the optimal configuration for manufacturers measuring parts with various features, material types and surface characteristics, or producing a number of different workpieces.

    GLOBAL S with the Multi-Purpose capability package offers:

    • Maximum application flexibility thanks to a wide range of tactile and non-contact sensors
    • Automatic sensor exchange to switch from contact to non-contact sensors within the part program using a standard tool changer
    • Comprehensive capture of high-density point-cloud data and 3D digitisation of freeform surfaces with options such as the HP-L laser scanner

    The Shop-Floor capability package enables manufacturers to bring inspection near line, at line or inline, closer to the point of production. It helps reduce secondary material handling tasks in the workflow and enables you to detect quality defects more quickly, enabling workflows to be optimised and time-to-market shortened.

    GLOBAL S with the Shop-Floor capability package offers:

    • Reliable results even in changing temperature conditions thanks to the advanced temperature compensation system, and environmental alerts provided by the PULSE monitoring system
    • Run predefined part programs quickly and with minimal training using INSPECT from PC-DMIS
    • Consistent machine operation even in the harshest production conditions with bellows and covers providing additional protection of the CMM’s critical mechanics 
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  • Features & benefits
    Accurate high-speed scanning
    Compass technology, available on the Chrome performance level, is an advanced vibration-reduction system which guarantees accuracy even during high-speed scanning. Combining hardware and firmware solutions, it enables you to maximise throughput without compromising on accuracy. 

    Improved unknown path scanning

    Thanks to the advanced firmware algorithms of Scan Pilot, GLOBAL S can scan the most complex unknown profiles at high speed, even on parts with abrupt changes of surface. 

    Machine path optimisation

    The Fly2Mode trajectory-control technology automatically optimises the route between measurement points and reduces machine idle times. Program execution times can be reduced by up to 10%.

    Automatic power saving

    With Eco Mode, GLOBAL S automatically powers down to save electricity during periods of inactivity, improving energy efficiency but keeping the machine ready to go. Operating costs are reduced with no impact on throughput or performance.

    Air saving function

    Eco Mode+ reduces the cost of ownership by stopping the flow of compressed air after a period of inactivity. This function is available on the GLOBAL S CMM model together with Eco Mode, the energy saving function. 

    Messaging lights
    The GLOBAL S messaging light option integrates LED alert lights into the CMM so you can check machine status at a glance, even at a distance. This means the CMM can be left to measure, allowing you to optimise time and resource management.

    Choice of sensors
    GLOBAL S can be equipped for any application with sensors including high-precision touch trigger probes, tactile scanning sensors and non-contact sensors, as well as tool changer options. Extensions of up to 800 mm are available on selected probes for maximum accessibility.

    Advanced software options

    GLOBAL S is available with PC-DMIS, which enables manufacturers to capture and share quality information seamlessly across the organisation and through all phases of production. For complex geometries or challenging data evaluation, QUINDOS offers the sophisticated toolset required by the advanced metrology users.

    Enhanced data analysis

    The Q-DAS software portfolio offers powerful packages for the statistical analysis of data captured by GLOBAL S and other measurement equipment, providing better insight to control the manufacturing process and alerting you to issues sooner. GLOBAL S is also compatible with HxGN SFx | Asset Management.

    Environmental monitoring 
    PULSE uses a network of sensors to provide real-time monitoring of conditions that could influence the quality of measured data, allowing faster remedial action. It records variations in temperature, humidity, vibrations as well as collisions and can send automatic alerts when an environmental condition threshold is breached. 
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As production changes, quality standards need to keep pace. The GLOBAL S coordinate measuring machine (CMM) delivers measurement productivity tailored to your workflow, addressing the widest range of production requirements including throughput, precision, multi-purpose and shop-floor capabilities.

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