Connected Worker

Hexagon’s solutions for connected workers digitally capture traditionally paper-based processes, providing real-time visibility, and ensuring shop-floor tasks are done fast, right, and safely.

Two shopfloor workers next to machinery wearing high visibility jackets and hard hats. One of the workers is operating the machine and the other is looking at a laptop

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With Hexagon's solutions for connected workers, you can overcome many of the common challenges facing frontline manufacturing operators. Providing a suite of easy-to-use mobile apps tailored by user role, Connected Worker provides operators with easy access to the information they need to do their jobs more effectively, efficiently and safely. Whether its locating equipment, parts, tools or instructions, operators can get what they need on demand via a simple interface. This solution enables a connected worker strategy that improves performance across your production, maintenance and inspection operations. 

Built on native apps for iOS, Android or browser, Hexagon's solution for connected workers is ideal for shop-floor service tasks including work in process, part requisition requests, timesheets and simple communications between the office, operations teams and the shop floor. 

Front-line workers often find that systems used to monitor critical assets don’t run remotely and allow them to work in an agile way. Connected Worker makes it easy to capture, display and act on real-time data, wherever you are, to optimise workflows. This tool makes it easy to remotely access and use equipment maintenance history, quality and work instructions, reducing waste and keeping the value chain cohesive. 

Value-focused apps empowering data-driven front lines 

With Connected Worker, manufacturing operators get real-time mobile access to traditionally disparate data, sensors, alerts and workflows – as well as maintenance history, current work orders, manufacturers’ schematics and best practices. This ensures better data integrity, smoother operations and dramatically reduced administration costs. 

  • Overcome time-consuming processes and disparate data sources
  • Avoid rigid paper forms or checklists by creating custom forms
  • Move from data silos to a connected, agile ecosystem
  • Accurately plan and record workers’ hours
  • Reduce complexity within your operations
  • Features & benefits
    • Eliminate non-value-added work, so that operators can increase time on tool
    • Consolidate workflows, accessing data from disparate enterprise systems like ERP, historians, document management and SCADA
    • Eliminate paper, scanning and duplicate data entry
    • Drive the right actions in the right places through real-time actionable insights
    • Generate instant interdepartmental and cross-departmental feedback loops
    • Push exception event notifications to technicians immediately, improving response time and collaboration
    • Ensure compliance and process adherence
    • Empower junior technicians faster and increase the utilisation of shop-floor operators
    • Bridge the gap between junior and senior operators with step-by-step digital workflows

Manufacturing Asset Management

Hexagon’s solution for industrial IoT device monitoring enables you to monitor the performance, availability and health of your manufacturing assets through the SFx platform.

AR Monitoring

Hexagon's solutions for AR Monitoring enable manufacturers to enhance shop-floor operations and maintenance processes with enriched augmented reality experiences based around their digital twins.

Paperless Traveller

The Paperless Traveller digital documentation package enables manufacturers to record, store and share information digitally.  

Predictive Maintenance

Hexagon’s solutions for predictive maintenance help avoid manufacturing equipment downtime utilising AI and machine learning to detecting anomalies and interpret warning signs before downtime events occur enabling manufacturers to accelerate remedial actions.