ATON Rod / ATON Wire

Cost-efficient diameter and ovality measurement

ATON Rod / ATON Wire

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ATON systems are based on proven technologies and technological principles. Thus the profile measuring devices offer a very customer-friendly price with highest quality for rolling and wire drawing mills. The offered product variants adapt to individual customer needs and enable the 100% inspection of diameter and roundness/ovality of wires, bars, rods and tubes up to a product diameter of 70 mm at up to 1,200° C. On a touch panel PC, deviations are clearly displayed and can be further processed with a few clicks.

The ATON systems measure diameter and ovality of round profiles with a 2-,3-,4-, or 6-axes shadow sensors, a measuring range of up to 70 mm and an accuracy of up to 5 µm. Depending on the measured product, purpose of measurement (e.g. detecting rolling defects such as roll shift, overfill and underfill, measuring trilobed rounds, rebar structures with core diameter, rib height and meter weight), material temperature and ambient conditions, you can choose from various product variants. The measuring system offers an online display of the results on a touch panel PC. Benefit from an improved product quality and a higher throughput in your production and increase the output of your plant by choosing an ATON system. The choice of a dimensional measurement system allows you to maintain dimensional accuracy over the entire coil length and allows you to take immediate corrective action once deviations are detected.

Steel profile surface and flatness measurement

Rising quality standards in the steel industry require highly accurate inspection and full documentation right from the source for rolled product production.