360° FMC-Tracker

Laser tracker-based configurable automation cell.


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Designed to deliver automated measurement productivity in-line, near-line or off-line, the 360° FMC-Tracker is your solution for flexible high-speed, high-accuracy measurement.

With the established features of the Leica Absolute Tracker range, the 360° FMC-Tracker can measure parts in a variety of surfaces and finishes with no need for targets, allowing for a simplified 3D measurement process less prone to operator error. Programmable automated measurement can significantly increase throughput compared with today’s often manual processes. The system’s flexibility allows for scaling to the appropriate size for any work piece and use in measuring multiple parts in production.

Image of 360 FMC Tracker in use  The 360° FMC-Tracker automates the absolute accuracy of the Leica T-Scan 5 in a compact footprint, and eliminates the need for calibration artefacts and software, as well as the need to correlate the system to a more accurate device like a CMM. It represents a versatile solution for manufacturers in a range of industries and is particularly s

uited for the aerospace and automotive sectors.
Designed for flexibility, the 360° FMC-Tracker is widely configurable to the needs of specific measurement applications. The system is available in ‘Solo’ and ‘Duet’ configurations that feature one or two turntables respectively, while ‘Runway’ options allow for the addition of a linear slider of between 4 and 12 metres in length.

The cell offers further flexibility with the possibility to remove the laser tracker component from the cell for manual use within other measurement arenas, either with the supplied laser scanner, or with a Leica T-Probe or reflector for single-point measurement.


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