Core Competencies

Sensors, software & autonomous solutions

core competencies


Hexagon has a unique set of five core competencies critical to fusing the physical and digital worlds and fully connecting and leveraging our customers’ data. When leveraged together, they add up to perhaps the most dynamic and powerful use of data in history: The Smart Digital Reality. It’s what we aim to deliver with every solution.


Sensor solutions

Reality capture and positioning are sensor solutions, a category we've led for the past two decades. These competencies are used capture, digitise and position things in the physical world.

Reality capture

Our reality capture technologies enable the digital capture of the physical world – from distance measurements (point A to point B) to attributes of physical world objects (e.g., auto parts) to the creation of entire physical world environments in 3D (e.g., complete infrastructure of a city).

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Our positioning technologies enable the location, tracking, navigation and/or control of anything, anywhere, powering intelligent positioning ecosystems in vital industries and safety-of-life applications.

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Software solutions

Design & simulation and location intelligence lead our software solutions. They are used to unlock the value of captured data and enable the ability to design, simulate and provide location intelligence for real-world scenarios – even before they’re built or occur.

Design & simulation

Our design & simulation technologies enable the replication of real-world scenarios in virtual environments – from manufacturing and assembly processes to autonomous driving.

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Location intelligence

Our location intelligence technologies enable active, geo-referenced, situational intelligence for any application – providing customers with unlimited potential to incorporate real-time, dynamic information into their decision-support systems.

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Autonomous solutions

Our autonomous technologies add the power of machine learning, AI and edge computing, integrating learning and decision-making into any system to deliver solutions that adapt to dynamic environments and evolve as environments change (i.e., get smarter over time).

Autonomous technologies

Our autonomous technologies “autonomise” any task or process in a workflow to entire operations or industries. For example, autonomising mobility/transportation enables on-and-off-road vehicles to operate safely, securely, reliably and efficiently thanks to assured autonomy and positioning.

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