Integrating sensors, software, domain knowledge and customer workflows into intelligent information ecosystems

Our solutions are built from our portfolio of sensors and software that capture, store, analyse and distribute information in innovative and sometimes unconventional ways to improve productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial applications.

    Our geospatial sensors provide reality capture solutions for digitising the world – from laser scanners, airborne cameras and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to monitoring equipment, mobile mapping technologies and precise (satellite) positioning. Our software solutions and apps in this area leverage map-based platforms to build all kinds of information ecosystems whose applications span everything from smart cities to smart mines.

    Our industrial sensors include stationary and portable equipment for measurement and process control in the manufacturing and engineering fields. They include contact and non-contact technologies – from coordinate measurement machines to laser trackers and scanners. Our software and apps in the area leverage 3D modelling, CAD (computer-aided design) and asset information platforms to design and build the as-planned, and in the process, ensure the as-built aligns to plan.

Our solutions are used in a broad range of vital industries:

Hexagon Industries

Tech Highlights

Where industry is confronted with challenge, complexity and conflict, these solutions introduce progress, potential and possibility.

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