IT Sphere of Influence

Hexagon IT Sphere of Influence

Einstein believed imagination is the source of genius. His famous quote, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge,’ has been debated for decades. But we believe both have enormous influence, and when linked in a continuous loop, they create the sphere of influence necessary for channelling our inexhaustible and most valuable resource: human ingenuity.

Our information technologies connect and accelerate this process – fusing the real and digital worlds into the process to create a powerful feedback loop that’s touching every aspect of our lives – the IT sphere of influence.

The IT sphere of influence is an ecosystem of sensors and software, custom-built for the challenge it is to solve. It is through this lens our customers are able to shape change – smart change – across the world.

The IT Sphere of influence is:


    The wrong answer immediately? The right answer too late? A ’sufficiently correct’ answer ’soon enough’? The ability to drive insight and actionable conclusions from data is only as good as the data itself. Data must be timely, with appropriate latency.

    The IT lens offers a blend of sensors and software. Together they keep information up to date in an integrated digital environment. The sensors continually capture the world, the software creates new or interprets captured data. When digital depictions accurately represent real-world circumstance, the actions taken, whether human or machine-driven, are smarter and more effective.


    Every improvement starts with a plan. But you can’t manage for improvement if you can’t measure progress according to plan. Maintaining alignment increases productivity, improves quality and reduces risk.

    The IT lens offers decision makers the ability to measure just how well the as-is or as-built aligns to the as-planned or as-designed. Clarity that can save time, money and resources.


    Only one thing is certain – things change and rarely go according to plan. Even today’s success formula can rapidly become tomorrow’s liability.

    The IT lens offers the insights to successfully operate in a state of continuous flow in response to ever-changing demands.


    Organisations are under great pressure to integrate disparate functions and siloed information.

    The IT lens enables the sharing of information across departments, organisations and geographies. Information that is optimised for specific use, accessed from anywhere, by anyone. The same information.

Today every business is a digital business – each with its own set of information assets just waiting to be unleashed. With the IT sphere of influence, it doesn’t really matter how ‘big’ data is but rather how intelligently we utilise it.

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