Featured Technologies

Hexagon innovations are transforming vital industries worldwide. Here are some examples of breakthrough technologies that are closing the gap between what is and what should be. Where industry is confronted with challenge, complexity and conflict, these solutions introduce progress, potential and possibility.

Connect. Synchronise. Optimise.

Learn more about HxGN AgrOn Logistics – an intelligent, fully integrated solution for sugarcane and forestry producers.

Reality Capture at the Push of a Button

The Leica BLK360 imaging laser scanner creates simplified accuracy and is the smallest and lightest of it's kind.


Digitalising building construction management enabling better-informed decisions for on-schedule and on-budget projects.

Next-Level High-Precision Positioning

Introducing OEM7, the next-generation, world-class global positioning platform.

Automate Quality Management​ Information

Announcing HxGN SMART Quality, a hub for smarter management of quality data throughout the product lifecycle.

Prevent Collisions with Personal Alert

New wearable proximity awareness and accident avoidance device protects personnel in heavy machinery environments.

HTA Measurement Solution Range

Technology packages deliver high throughput and accuracy for industry-specific applications.

Drive Greater Projects Performance

With the release of EcoSys 8, PPM announced the industry’s first integrated solution for full life cycle projects performance

Large Area LiDAR Mapping Innovation

Leica SPL100, the latest innovation in single-photon LiDAR, offers efficient collection and rapid processing of data sets.