Ecosystems Served

Ecosystems versus markets

Today’s economic environment is more connected, open, intelligent, fast and scalable. Hexagon’s customers are under intense pressure to deliver on a set of new expectations, and many are scrambling to catch up. It’s for this reason that we have organised our solutions around ecosystems.

At their core, ecosystems are complex networks of interconnected systems capable of outcomes beyond the scope of any individual market or participant. Hexagon participates in two of the most critical ecosystems on the planet: production and urban.

The production ecosystem is made up of many other ecosystems: manufacturing, industrial processing, agriculture, and mining, among others (pharmaceutical, textile, etc.).


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The urban ecosystem comprises cities and their environments, extending all the way to a nation’s borders. A vibrant and sustainable urban ecosystem comprises people, operations, and events, all governed by policies, laws, and processes integrated together to create the desired outcome of safety, economic vitality, and quality of life.

Defining competition or customers by market is becoming an increasingly simplistic and outdated notion. Our world has become more interdependent, forcing organisations to look beyond their traditional market boundaries and think more systemically. The speed, volatility and complexity of doing business today demands it.