Hexagon is committed to innovation, advancing groundbreaking information technologies and creating synergies across all its businesses, enabling customers to take advantage of its entire manufacturing, geospatial and industrial portfolio.

The extent to which we innovate today will drive how we shape smart change tomorrow. Hexagon’s innovation strategy is driven by the Innovation Hub — a dedicated team of technology and thought leaders who aggressively pursue innovation that empowers digital transformation. The Hub focuses on trends, strategies and disruptive technologies that accelerate change and complement the R&D efforts of each Hexagon division.

Underpinning this mission, Hexagon recently launched Xalt , an innovative framework that will fast-track our customers’ ability to accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Xalt combines emerging technologies to make better use of IoT data, in particular by integrating cloud and edge computing, AI, mobility, and data visualisation into their operations. Xalt also has the ability to connect legacy systems with emerging digital solutions, converging the physical and digital worlds through interoperable sensors, data and software.

Learn more about Xalt here.


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