Oil and gas industry

Connecting stakeholders and work processes throughout the design, construction and operation of oil and gas assets.

Offshore rig using Hexagon’s oil and gas solutions

Connecting stakeholders and work processes

Pump up your project and asset performance with digital transformation across the full lifecycle of oil and gas assets

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As the demands and expectations of the oil and gas industry change, Hexagon is helping to ensure that the right assets are in the pipeline. Our industry-leading oil and gas solutions lead to improved efficiency, safety and return on investment for delivering complex projects and efficient operations.

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  • Industrial facilities
  • Cities and nations
  • Infrastructure
Industrial facilities
Hexagon is leveraging data into a powerful digital asset for the oil and gas industry. With unmatched capabilities in 3D design, operational efficiency and cybersecurity, our oil and gas technology fuels the digital twins that drive huge gains in productivity, safety and resource utilisation for industrial facilities.

Design phase

Transform the project vision with Hexagon’s design and engineering software that is the gold standard for precision and ease of use.

Operate and maintain phase

Leverage data from the planning, design and build phases to create an operational twin that connects people, processes and events throughout the entire industrial facility lifecycle.

Cities and nations
With growing populations and demand for energy, national oil and gas companies must adapt to new challenges while being ever more responsible to the communities they serve. Hexagon solutions improve the use of data to optimise building of new assets and ensuring that they run efficiently and safely.

Industrial and commercial resiliency

Forge safer industrial and commercial facilities with scalable surveillance, security and incident management capabilities.

Public safety solutions

Improve the quality, accuracy and availability of critical information with integrated technology solutions that enhance public safety and security performance and productivity.

Transportation solutions

Deploy intuitive, integrated solutions for roads, railways, aviation and maritime to ensure effective planning and operations and enhance safety with minimal disruption.

Utilities and communications solutions

Achieve greater network service reliability, enhance integrity, increase efficiency and fulfil the expectations of utility stakeholders with Hexagon’s location-based technologies.


Operate and maintain phase

Empower asset owners and operators with solutions that go beyond smart infrastructure and provide 24/7 visibility into the operational twin to optimise safety and efficiency throughout all operations and maintenance while extending the life of the infrastructure asset.