Hexagon’s Port Community System powered by HxGN Connect

Transform port operations and facilitate efficient communication and collaboration

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Digitalization is essential in the maritime sector, especially when it comes to optimizing port operations. A Port Community System (PCS) – an open electronic platform that connects multiple systems operated by organizations that make up a port community – enables the intelligent and secure exchange of information between public and private stakeholders.

Hexagon’s PCS is powered by HxGN Connect – a cloud-native, real-time incident center as a service solution – and  is uniquely equipped to transform port operations and facilitate efficient communication and collaboration, offering stakeholders the tools and capabilities necessary to optimize port operations and drive economic growth.

Hexagon’s port community software system addresses the challenges faced by small- and medium-sized ports that lack IT support and rely heavily on manual communication and synchronization processes. With it, port administrators and other stakeholders can redefine efficiency; harness the power of real-time collaboration, actionable analytics and unmatched scalability; and seamlessly navigate regulatory compliance.

Deployed as an as-a-service platform, Hexagon’s PCS is browser based, with no installation required.


Key features include:

  • Central information and data hub: Serves as a centralized platform for sharing real-time information and data among stakeholders, enhancing collaboration and decision-making
  • Common operating picture: Integrates various high-value data sources such as AIS, nautical charts, sensor information, video streams and geographical data, creating a comprehensive view of port operations
  • Communication channels for all stakeholders: Establishes dedicated channels for each ship, facilitating information exchange and document sharing among all involved parties 


Seamless coordination

Initiated by stakeholder responsible for port operations, ensuring seamless coordination and improved port call processes

Enhanced situational awareness

Gives access to real-time ship position, port actor, traffic and camera data for informed decision-making and operational coordination

Increased efficiency and reduced delays

Combines pre-assigned and on-demand links between stakeholders, streamlining ship operations and synchronizing activities