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Enter a new era of innovation, production, and sustainable e-mobility for Volkswagen Group

At VW Group, you’re poised and ready to face the greatest transition in a century; the shift to electric mobility.

But, to secure and maintain a competitive edge in the race, the time is now to consider your transformation process – at a global level.

Hexagon brings end-to-end manufacturing intelligence to accelerate transformation and innovation, and enable you to drive production sustainably – across the value chain – empowering VW to:

  • Buy  back time, and drive out cost – everywhere
    Unlock efficiency, with cost-effective, scalable and sustainable solutions that support greater innovation and connectivity across your global teams
  • Extend sustainability seamlessly throughout your processes
    Hexagon’s virtual and physical technologies are designed to reduce environmental impact, support zero-build prototyping, and help you reach sustainability targets and environmental regulation compliance
  • Optimise and accelerate innovation and production globally
    Enable a constant cycle of optimisation – from design and engineering, right through to production, with one source of truth and visibility that ensures quality is built in everywhere  

Scalable, sustainable solutions – used in 95% of cars produced worldwide

With over four decades of automotive heritage, the Hexagon suite of manufacturing intelligence delivers the process optimisation, sustainability and global scalability that Volkswagen needs. 

Hexagon: Empowering the Volkswagen Group to accelerate battery design, engineering and production, for a new era of e-mobility

At Volkswagen, there has never been a more critical time to develop and scale more energy-efficient vehicles, and reduce your environmental impact through zero-defect manufacturing.

Hexagon: The partner Volkswagen needs, to empower e-mobility

For Volkswagen, a successful EV transition depends on having the right manufacturing intelligence to accelerate transformation, innovation and sustainably — end-to-end.

Specifically, that means adopting a global suite of manufacturing intelligence solutions that encompass process optimisation, precision and scalability, to enable the Volkswagen Group to:

A close up image of a raindrop on a leafMeet sustainability goals, buy back time, drive out cost 

Access the data-driven insight to connect across the manufacturing spectrum

Get closer to zero-build prototyping, for shorter, more cost-effective and sustainable production cycles

From virtual prototyping to high-fidelity digitalisation – reduce the need to consume raw materials, and support innovation with both confidence and conscience

Scale production, accelerate innovation cycles, and ensure more sustainable project development

Man using device pen Optimise innovation and production; ensure quality everywhere

Unlock the agility to identify opportunities, accelerate and scale innovation across every stage of manufacture

Use Hexagon’s expertise to manage complex transformation quickly, and with true agility

Optimise every stage of the manufacturing process, and gain the visibility to ensure quality, built-in, everywhere – at scale

Benefit from Hexagon’s precision data ecosystem, to embed quality, reduce waste, and scale capacity and delivery

Advance faster, with partner expertise in battery inspection, production and assembly systems

Close up of Woman's face looking at data on a large screenCreate data-driven value, end-to-end, and win the EV race

Enable a cycle of value at all stages; with leading manufacturing intelligence across every process

Give your teams the precision, scalability and reliable data they need to make sustainability-focused, data-driven decisions across your global operations

Cut development cycles in EV-centric workflows, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce the cost and risk of EV transformation



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Advanced manufacturing intelligence, for accelerated e-mobility

Hexagon’s holistic manufacturing solutions sit across hardware and software, and can give Volkswagen the freedom to remove silos, ideate, innovate and scale production faster and more sustainably – everywhere. Read on to see how.

Be the first 2%

Hexagon: Advanced Manufacturing Report

The race to EV market share is on – and for Volkswagen, there’s no time to waste.

Read the Hexagon Advanced Manufacturing Report to discover the trends shaping advanced manufacturing, and unlock the full potential of your manufacturing processes.


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Digitisation and collaboration – the power of connected worker solutions

Digitised manufacturing has the power to take your production further, faster. See how centralised automated worker solutions can empower your teams with data, boost uptime and productivity, transform performance across the value chain – and more. 


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Who are Hexagon?

Get to know us a little better.

Discover more about Hexagon’s range of solutions, and our approach – and see how a partnership with us is the answer to empower innovation at scale, and drive an autonomous, EV future. 


Securing a sustainable future

At Volkswagen, your NEW AUTO framework has made your sustainable mobility commitment clear. At Hexagon, we understand where you’re going, and are here to help you build sustainable vehicles and sustainable business models that protect product, planet – and profit.

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Making sustainability a reality 

How can you drive sustainable change, for tangible impact and outcomes, today?

In this report, we outline the technology, strategies, solutions, regulations and data behind sustainability – and how your teams can achieve it. 


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Hexagon's journey to net-zero emissions

Hexagon has joined the Business Ambition for 1.5°C; and committed to set net-zero science-based targets for carbon emissions. Read on, to see more about our commitments.


Aerial shot of green trees and waterThe Hexagon carbon reduction strategy

At Volkswagen, you need partners who are committed to achieving net-zero. Read on, to see the environmental management initiatives Hexagon has completed and implemented, to follow a substantial CO2 reduction pathway.


The partnership you need, to accelerate sustainable transformation

At Hexagon, we’re here to help you buy back time, drive down costs and meet sustainable e-mobility goals.

From accelerating innovation and production to ensuring quality at every stage – read on, to see how Hexagon’s automotive divisions can support your teams. 

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Design & Engineering

Hexagon’s Design & Engineering division stands ready to give Volkswagen Group’s innovators  exactly what they need – the latest technology to accelerate ideation, and bring quality products to market faster, and more affordably.


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As the Group embraces the shift to electric, connected and autonomous mobility, we’re here to ‘empower you to make the impossible' – and do so competitively, with costs controlled and downtime avoided.


Man facing computer displaying Metrology software


Get closer to zero-build prototyping, and be confident you’ll get it right the first time, with Hexagon’s precise measurement, positioning and inspection data. Smart manufacturing is the answer to true sustainability – and our Metrology Division is ready to bring that to Volkswagen Group. 


Meet your Hexagon specialist

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Let’s enter a new era of e-mobility, together.   

Let’s enter a new era of e-mobility, together

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