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Machine Shop Excellence 

Hexagon's Machine Shop Excellence solutions offer an innovative approach to modern manufacturing. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, machine shops can not only stay ahead of the competition but also enhance operational efficiency and meet evolving customer demands with unmatched precision. The integration of these advanced tools promises to revolutionise traditional manufacturing processes, enabling machine shops to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, adaptability, and customer satisfaction. 

From streamlining design, manufacturing, and inspection processes to breaking down departmental silos through effective data utilisation, Hexagon's end-to-end workflow solutions enable machine shops to maximise efficiency and drive sustainable growth. With Hexagon's support, machine shops can transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring a successful and thriving future in the manufacturing industry. 


Unlock excellence on the shop floor 

Machine Shop Excellence7 step solutions to your top challenges 

Understanding the Skills Shortage in Machine Shops 
As experienced machinists retire and fewer young individuals enter the field, the demand for skilled workers continues to outstrip the available talent pool. This shortage can result in reduced productivity, increased costs, and missed opportunities for growth. However, Hexagon solutions offer innovative ways to address these challenges across three key areas: 

Empowering Current Workers: 
Hexagon provides advanced tools and training programs to enhance workers' capabilities, enabling them to adapt quickly to new technologies and boost productivity. CAD/CAM software streamlines design and programming, while metrology solutions ensure precise measurements and quality control. By equipping current workers with the skills and tools they need to succeed, Hexagon solutions enable machine shops to maintain high levels of productivity and competitiveness in the face of a skills shortage. 

Automation to Alleviate Pressures: 
Automation plays a crucial role in alleviating the pressures caused by the skills shortage in machine shops. Hexagon offers a range of automation solutions that streamline repetitive tasks, increase throughput, and reduce the need for manual intervention. Robotic systems handle loading and unloading, freeing up machinists for more complex operations. Software platforms facilitate seamless communication between automated systems and human operators for optimal efficiency. By embracing automation with Hexagon solutions, machine shops can overcome labour shortages and optimise their production processes for greater profitability. 

Combined Solutions to Utilise Current Workers: 
Hexagon’s combined solutions leverage the strengths of both human workers and automation technologies. By combining advanced software, reporting, and metrology solutions, Hexagon offers integrated solutions that maximise the effectiveness of current workers while optimising overall productivity. Manufacturing execution systems (MES) provide real-time visibility into production processes, enabling efficient resource allocation. Collaborative systems enable human-machine automation interaction for tasks requiring precision and flexibility, maximising productivity and quality. This enables machine shops to make the most of their existing workforce while minimising downtime and waste. 

Hexagon solutions offer a comprehensive approach to addressing the skills shortage in machine shops. By empowering current workers, embracing automation, and combining the strengths of human labour and technology, Hexagon enables machine shops to overcome challenges and thrive in today's competitive manufacturing environment. 


Sustainable Manufacturing and InvestmentsSustainable Manufacturing and Investments 

In recent years, the global manufacturing sector has increasingly prioritised sustainability as a core objective. Machine shops, which play a pivotal role in the manufacturing ecosystem, are under pressure to adopt sustainable practices to mitigate environmental impact while maintaining operational efficiency and competitiveness. Hexagon offers a range of technologies and initiatives to support machine shops in achieving sustainability goals across various challenges. 

Best Practices for Sustainable Manufacturing: 
Ensuring best practices for sustainable manufacturing involves optimising resource utilisation, minimising waste generation, and reducing energy consumption. Hexagon's solutions facilitate these practices through: 

Process Optimization: Hexagon's manufacturing software enables machine shops to optimise production processes, reducing material waste, and energy consumption. By employing advanced algorithms and analytics, manufacturers can identify inefficiencies and streamline operations for improved sustainability. 

Resource Efficiency: Hexagon's metrology solutions provide precise measurement capabilities, ensuring accurate machining and minimising material waste. Additionally, real-time monitoring and feedback mechanisms help machine shops optimise tooling and machining parameters, further enhancing resource efficiency. 

Supply Chain Sustainability: Hexagon's digital supply chain solutions enable machine shops to collaborate with suppliers and partners to promote sustainability throughout the value chain. By integrating environmental considerations into supplier selection and procurement processes, manufacturers can reduce the carbon footprint of their operations. 

Investing in Manufacturing Technology for Sustainability: 
Investing in advanced manufacturing technology is crucial for enhancing sustainability in machine shops. Hexagon offers innovative solutions that enable sustainable manufacturing practices including: 

Digital Twin Technology:
Hexagon's digital twin solutions provide a virtual representation of manufacturing processes, allowing machine shops to simulate and optimise operations before physical implementation. By modelling energy consumption, material usage, and environmental impact, manufacturers can make informed decisions to minimise resource consumption and emissions. 

Additive Manufacturing (AM): Hexagon's additive manufacturing solutions enable machine shops to produce complex geometries with minimal material waste. By leveraging AM technologies such as 3D printing, manufacturers can achieve lightweighting, part consolidation, and on-demand production, leading to reduced material consumption and lower environmental impact. 

Smart Factory Solutions: Hexagon's smart factory solutions integrate sensors, IoT devices, and data analytics to create interconnected manufacturing environments. By digitising production processes and enabling real-time monitoring, machine shops can optimise energy usage, reduce downtime, and improve overall sustainability performance. 

Hexagon's comprehensive suite of solutions and sustainable supporting efforts empower machine shops to embrace sustainability as a strategic imperative. By adopting best practices, investing in advanced technology, and leveraging Hexagon's expertise, manufacturers can achieve environmental impact while driving business growth and competitiveness in the rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape. 

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"Machine shops are unsung heroes within the manufacturing eco-system. With vertical markets like aerospace and automotive undergoing transformations due to trends such decarbonisation, electric vehicles and so on, machine shops are under pressure to keep pace via smarter manufacturing workflows that can better meet the requirements of new component designs. Small-to-medium machine shops may think that Industry 4.0 and digital transformation is out of their reach. Our aim is to make it within every machine shop’s reach, working with them to facilitate their transformation [at their own pace] so they remain relevant, competitive and in-step with customer requirements"
Jason Walker​ 
VP General Manufacturing 
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