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Autonomy & Positioning Innovation Summit

Free to invent: Empowering the innovators

Join us at HxGN LIVE Global 2023

12-15 June 2023 at CAESARS FORUM in Las Vegas, NV

Summit overview

Pioneering technology to enable the future of autonomy is an ongoing pursuit. The Autonomy & Positioning Innovation Summit at HxGN LIVE Global 2023 will explore the combination of positioning and autonomy technologies that promote safety and efficiency across mining, agriculture and on-road research.

The summit will highlight the pros and cons of various sensors for machine automation, the technologies necessary to deliver autonomous asset transportation and how precise positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) solutions can free customers from operational inefficiencies, wasted resources, safety risks and reduced profitability.

What you’ll learn

The summit will free attendees to invent the future of autonomy through tools and expertise, from optimising off-road operations to supporting safe autonomy. It will explore the combination of positioning and perception technologies to promote safety and efficiency in agriculture, mining and construction.

Sessions will delve into the pros and cons of various sensors for machine automation in farming, the technologies used for autonomous road train operations in mining and how positioning and sensor fusion enable precise positioning, navigation and timing (PNT).

Hands-on Waypoint Post-Processing Software training will be offered again this year for attendees looking to gain confidence with Inertial Explorer and interpret data effectively. Our instructor will use attendees’ data in demonstrations and examples, allowing them to work through potential biases on their specific application with an expert’s guidance.

Between sessions and hands-on training, attendees to the Autonomy & Positioning Innovation Summit will gain an understanding of the sensors, positioning hardware and software necessary for the widespread adoption of autonomy and for achieving long-term operational safety and sustainability.

  • Who should attend

    The Autonomy & Positioning Innovation Summit is an ideal learning opportunity for anyone with a role or interest in transformative autonomous and positioning technologies. Presentations will include important information for executives, design innovators, supervisors, operators and other participants in the industry. 


    • Discover the many, fully functioning R&D platforms and the rich datasets that can be leveraged to develop world-changing technology. 
    • Learn how our software tools help developers design and test autonomous vehicle systems. 
    • Explore precise positioning and localisation that derive from industry-leading technology and support, with inputs from a variety of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) chipsets and a worldwide corrections network. 


    • Hear how we create a digital twin of the real world where virtual testing happens in parallel, in the cloud, to real-world tests happening simultaneously on the ground. 
    • Discover 3D scanning, maps and open standards data to build virtual worlds in the cloud, evaluating safety, identifying perception issues and training AI. 
    • Learn about our safety-critical engineering expertise and on-site technical support and global leadership in HD mapping, with the ability to capture and fuse terrestrial and airborne high-resolution imagery and point-cloud data. 


    • Explore our accurate, scalable and versatile positioning products that are customisable for fleet integration and mass vehicle production. 
    • See how automotive-grade hardware such as GNSS and IMU modules and precision antennas offer high reliability and continuously available lane-level accuracy. 
    • Discover current and potential applications, including mass production of passenger vehicles; neighborhood electrical vehicles (NEV); tractor trailers (Class 8); off-road vehicles for mining, agriculture, defense; and robotics, aviation, marine and space travel. 


    • Learn how satellite-based positioning through GNSS and correction services unlocks absolute positioning worldwide. 
    • Understand the ways positioning underlines the precision, navigation or autonomous operations across agriculture, automotive, marine and mining applications. 
    • Discover why functional safety, sensor fusion and reliable position, navigation and timing (PNT) measurements depend upon satellite positioning and its supplemental technologies like

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