Lösungen für die Leistungsfähigkeit von Unternehmensprojekten

Maximieren Sie die Renditen und Gewinnspannen in Ihrem gesamten Projekt-Ökosystem. 

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Leistungsstarke, projektorientierte Unternehmen liefern die richtigen Projekte pünktlich und im Rahmen des Budgets. Hexagons Enterprise Project Performance Software bietet Einblicke, was den Projekterfolg antreibt, und integriert Schlüsselprozesse über den gesamten Lebenszyklus von Projekten und Portfolios.

  • Overview
  • Predictability
  • Economic impact

Answers for today’s project challenges 

For both asset owners and contractors, industrial facility projects are wrought with complexity and risk. Cost and schedule overruns are all too common and data siloes hinder accuracy and visibility. 

Enterprise project performance improves outcomes by removing barriers that typically prevent you from confidently planning and executing projects, thereby: 

  • Freeing people’s time to do their jobs – do the work that matters most instead of low-value activities like data collation, formula checking and error correcting. 
  • Empowering better decisions – Base key insights on accurate and up-to-date data, allowing you to make a positive and timely impact. 
  • Driving alignment – Get everyone on the same page and using the same processes, procedures, reporting, tools and data. 

Incentivise transparency over secrecy

Project predictability can be simply defined as how early in a project the outcome is known. For years, the construction and engineering industry has struggled with low predictability. Construction Industry Institute (CII) research found that on average, forecast variance reporting starts at 65% of project duration. When forecasts increase very late in the project, management is left with little or no time to implement corrective actions.

An enterprise project performance solution from Hexagon is the only one that incorporates predictability metrics from CII’s research to help drive predictability throughout portfolios, projects and contracts.

You can apply these predictability metrics to historical projects for benchmarking and analysis. Leverage dashboards and predictability graphs to figure out where you stand and drill down into root causes of low predictability. With the technology to measure and deliver accurate forecasts, you're armed with the tools to incentivise project teams based on predictability, decrease optimism bias and create a culture of transparency and accountability.


World-renowned analyst and research firm Forrester has conducted a study of Hexagon customers using EcoSys, our enterprise project performance platform.   

The result is a “total economic impact” report identifying the most cited areas for generating real financial returns on the use of the platform and quantifying those results based on their expert modelling. 


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