Smart Digital Reality™

Tapping the potential of the most dynamic and powerful use of data in history

Smart Digital Reality is Hexagon’s strategic advantage and the greatest source of value creation for our customers, empowering them to put data to work in ways that go far beyond what was ever thought possible.

This is a completely new level of “reality” that is infinitely better. It’s digital and data driven, delivering an experience that’s rich and engaging, immersive and real. It’s the digital leap forward that will make all the difference for our customers.

Smart Digital Reality is how the real world will intersect with the metaverse, ensuring prosperity, safety, and sustainability for the planet.

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Beyond the digital twin: Smart Digital Reality defined:
Two worlds, ONE reality

Smart Digital Reality redefines the notion of what’s real. This is the fusion of the physical world and the digital world—no longer are they two separate realities. This is the state where all data are digitally available, in one place, in real time, with 360-degree context, providing complete line-of-sight to every situation in an ever-changing world.


Unique to Hexagon is our portfolio of core technology competencies, that create intelligent sensor-software systems that integrate the right data in the right place at the right time, bringing speed, certainty and agility to any workflow.

From the factory floor to a city’s emergency services, from mega construction projects to safely landing an aircraft, everyone is trying to improve and perfect their workflows. When workflows don’t meet their potential, productivity, quality, safety and profit all suffer.

Real-time and autonomous digital twins

By enabling real-time data capture and analyses and bringing the freedom of autonomy to the digital twin, we transform a twin’s function and utility far beyond a static, single source of truth. Autonomous technologies, like machine learning and AI, enable our customers to create systems that reduce and even eliminate human intervention.

This is when data does its greatest work, empowering our customers to work in ways that go far beyond what was ever possible.


The digital reality feedback loop

Watch the HxGN LIVE Global 2023 general session by Hexagon's CTO Burkhard Boeckem to learn more about the digital reality feedback loop, including its role in creating engine parts for Formula 1 racing vehicles.

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