Hexagon's Mining division

Hexagon delivers a holistic, data-driven approach to integrating, automating and optimising critical workflows for the mining industry.

Hexagon's Mining division empowers mines to connect all parts of their business with technologies that make sense of data in real-time, while integrating, automating, and optimising critical workflows that deliver a competitive edge. Our mining technologies provide surveying, design, fleet management, production optimisation and collision avoidance capabilities in a single, life-of-mine solution that connects people and processes, reduces costs and improves the safety and productivity of mine sites.

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Mining is truly a societal keystone—a major driver of the global economy, a focus of significant investment and a catalyst for growth across numerous other industries. Learn more about this incredible industry and how data-forward solutions are leading it into a sustainable future.

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A mining ecosystem is inherently complex, marked by distinct workflows that must be masterfully optimised to realise a mine's potential value. Discover how our life-of mine solutions are helping mines holistically address their full ecosystems for their best possible outcomes.