Our Icons


Representing growth and strength, the upward motion of the icon symbolises fields of vital crops aided by Hexagon technology.


Symbolising the powerful force of change, the triangles represent turbines that transform wind into maximum productivity.


Symbolising expertise in reality capture technology, the triangles show the construction of buildings in digital worlds.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Reflected in the X, Y and Z of the Cartesian coordinate system, the icon shows how data transforms into useful intelligence.


In a nod to forward thinking, the forward direction of the triangles captures the vision of safer, more productive mining.

Positioning Intelligence

Conveying precision, the triangles create an arrow delivering superior position accuracy and increased signal availability.


Symbolising integrated technologies for optimal project delivery, three triangles meet and converge to form a new shape.

Safety & Infrastructure

Representing the power of location, the triangles converge to pinpoint a spot with speed and accuracy.

Why Shape Matters

In this blog post, Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén discusses the importance of shape when looking at our world.

The Shape of Potential is Change

Hexagon is redefining the potential for growth with information technology solutions that help customers shape smart change.