I Shape Smart Change

#ShapingSmartChange with Justin Payne

Justin cites childhood lessons learned from his parents as the inspiration for a career of putting customers first.

#ShapingSmartChange with Bernardo de Castro

Bernardo’s early start in the agriculture industry led to technology and the task of creating more efficient process solutions at Hexagon.

#ShapingSmartChange with Marcelo Romero

Marcelo Romero, product manager, Mining, explains how his work creates a connection between the mining industry, people and technology.

#ShapingSmartChange with Neville Judd

Neville tells how he went from sports journalist to communications director for Mining.

#ShapingSmartChange with Hamish Eccles

Hamish discusses how he applies what his dad taught him in his role at Hexagon, as well as in activities outside of work.

#ShapingSmartChange with Simon Welfare-Jervis

Simon, a “stereotypical mountain boy,” discusses his transition into a role in public safety solutions.

#ShapingSmartChange with Rodney Gill

Hear how Rodney’s early passion for technology transformed into a career within Hexagon.

#ShapingSmartChange with Adam Redford

Adam went from T-shirts and jeans working in the motorcycle industry to an exciting events position with Hexagon.

#ShapingSmartChange with Collin Webb

Collin wanted to work for a place consistent with his personal standards, so hear how he found this at Hexagon.

#ShapingSmartChange with Josh Rayburn

Josh early start in this industry, helping his father in his surveying engineering firm, helps him continue to shape smart change at Hexagon.

#ShapingSmartChange with Guido Hufer

Guido describes how at age 11, he was developing his own software, and how he continues to help Hexagon do this.

#ShapingSmartChange with Faheem Khan

Faheem has travelled all over the world and has seen a lot of amazing things, but the variety of work he experiences in his position at Hexagon...

#ShapingSmartChange with David Holmes

David grew up loving maps. Hear how his position at Hexagon keeps the excitement alive.

#ShapingSmartChange with Cathi Hayes

Cathi went from studying architecture to being a “BIM evangelist” at Hexgaon.