Meet Katy Broder

Breaking through challenges to find constructive solutions

Title: President for Construction Tools and GeoMax
Division: Hexagon’s Geosystems division
Location: Heerbrugg, Switzerland
Joined in: 2012

When Katy Broder isn’t breaking through wood blocks for her karate class, she’s breaking through challenges for Hexagon's Geosystems division.

Katy, division president for Construction Tools and GeoMax, draws a distinct parallel between her karate training and opportunities at Hexagon. Similar to her journey from a white to a black belt, Katy’s tenure at Hexagon started in administrative positions in finance and human resources, advanced to logistics and product and project management and eventually landed in an executive role.

“I really like how much opportunity for advancement exists in Hexagon,” Katy says. “In any role, you can learn so much and find areas to grow into.”

At Hexagon, we are always learning. There are always ways in the organisation to advance.

Though she is no longer competing, she continues to learn in her roles as karate teacher and referee. Many of these lessons she has been able to use at Hexagon.

“At Hexagon, we are always learning. Whether it’s a new direction for my team or taking professional development courses to improve skills, there are always ways in the organisation to advance.”