Meet Asif Rana

Leading a strong team built on trust

Title: President of Xalt
Division: Xalt Solutions
Location: Heerbrugg, Switzerland
Joined in: 2007

Having worked with Hexagon for over 12 years, Asif Rana knows a thing or two about technology — and about building teams to create the best solutions on the market. Beginning his Hexagon journey in research & development in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, Rana first began working on high-end precision coordinate measurement machines (CMM) and optical distance measurement projects. Fast forward to today, Rana says what he most enjoys about working at Hexagon is the company’s global footprint.

“We’re located all over the world, and many times we team up on large projects across different organisations and cultures,” Rana said. “It is truly rewarding to be part of such a magnificent experience.”

With Xalt Solutions located in four different continents, Rana has become an excellent communicator through the years.

“It’s incredible to have the opportunity to understand the unique, and sometimes oblique, perspectives on how people describe their challenges and approaches to solutions on different projects. It’s a great learning experience for me and for my team,” Rana explained. “There is no day quite like the one before, with each day full of collaboration and communication.

We work in a start-up-like environment. There’s a lot of trust, and we are a very strong team because of that.

Rana’s team is exceptionally dynamic, which translates into an energetic culture. “We work in a start-up-like environment. There’s a lot of trust, and we are a very strong team because of that,” Rana noted.

Whether it’s sitting in his office in Heerbrugg or on the move traveling to a different location, Rana says the best part of his job is getting to make a difference in the world.

“What I value most about my work is that we are able to learn from humanity’s collective wisdom acquired over thousands of years, solving unique problems using AI and putting that knowledge through digital technologies, like Xalt, for a broader and greater use,” he said.