Ulrika Francke

Member of the Board, Member of the Audit Committee

A Member of the Board since 2010 and Member of the Audit Committee, Ulrika Francke received her education in University Studies, and has since held the positions of City Planning Director and Street and Property Director of the City of Stockholm and CEO of SBC. She has served as the Managing Director of SBC, Sveriges BostadsrättsCentrum AB and a Board Member of Skanska AB and Stockholms Business Region AB. She has been CEO of Tyréns AB, Chairman of the Board of Stockholms Stadsteater AB and a Board Member of Stockholms Stads Brandförsäkringskontor and Swedbank AB.

Shareholding: 6,000 shares of series B

Shareholdings and warrant holdings are based on information per 19 March 2018 and also include related-party holdings.


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