IT as a Change Accelerator

IT as an Accelerator

Today, the conditions that make for a profitable business and sustainable future are speed and agility. Timing is less about balancing supply and demand or forecasting. It’s become real-time, ‘nowcasting,’ with faster-moving targets that challenge an organisation’s ability to proactively effect change, rather than just adapt to it.

Inevitably, change drives progress. Which is what makes information technologies fundamental to closing the gap between what is and what should be – where change is smarter and more achievable when supported by three key ingredients: data, connectivity and relevance.


    Data is inexhaustible. The intrigue behind it is its promise to transform the way a business or industry operates. It provides rich context and significant opportunities for advancement. But more data doesn’t mean better insights. Data must be processed into information that is useful, combined with human knowledge and expertise.



    Connectivity is a necessity. It is the basic foundation for anywhere access and automation. It accelerates discovery and defines how swiftly business insight can be applied. But despite the connectivity of everything, there is a lack of information flow across business and industry. These silos cost an organisation in responsiveness and agility and must be removed.



    Whether information provides usable insight or costly distraction depends on whether it’s situationally appropriate and contextually relevant. While the future will never be 100% predictable, the right layers of integrated information can convert uncertainty into known risk. Risk that can be embraced or even leveraged, rather than avoided and survived.

The fact is, we face a future that is data rich, yet information poor; connected, yet siloed; and predictable, yet uncertain. But the world that we want to build is ours for the making, provided we have the right lens through which we can shape change – smart change – and ultimately change the world.

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