Featured Technologies

Take a closer look at Hexagon’s innovative geospatial and industrial solutions that are improving productivity and quality across virtually every industry

Introducing HxGN AgrOn Logistics

Discover Hexagon's new agriculture solution for connected, synchronised and optimised harvesting.

Introducing Leica BLK360

Geosystems announces a new, simple way to capture reality.

Large Area LiDAR Mapping Innovation

Leica SPL100, the latest innovation in single-photon LiDAR, offers efficient collection and rapid processing of data sets.

Next-Level High-Precision Positioning

Introducing OEM7, the next-generation, world-class global positioning platform.

See the Whole Picture

Intergraph InSight Reporting platform quickly builds and shares interactive reports for Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch.

Smart Mine Modelling with GeoLogic

Fully integrated with our MineSight Planning Suite, GeoLogic empowers geologists with smart, time-saving modelling.

Better Manage Major Events and Disasters

Effectively coordinate information and resources among diverse organisations with Intergraph Planning & Response.

New Ultra-Portable Laser Tracker System

The new Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 delivers speed and ease of measurement improvements in a highly portable form factor.

Introducing HxGN SMART Build

Watch the video and discover SMART Build, a simple, yet robust, platform built for the construction industry from the ground up.