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Our divisions serve three primary landscapes – manufacturing, engineering and geospatial. Each is committed to pioneering innovations in business processes, value chains and information exchange.


Smart agriculture production solutions for automating and improving resource utilisation – whether water, pesticides or machinery – to crop planning and management for optimum yield.

Hexagon Agriculture Sweet Results for Guaíra Sugar Mill

Sweet Results for Guaíra Sugar Mill

Hexagon Agriculture is helping ethanol and sugar producers, such as Guaíra Sugar Mill, increase crop yield and optimise the performance of workers and machines through improved production and plantation designs based on available land, topography and ideal planting time.

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Geospatial data management solutions that leverage the power of mapping to enable a holistic understanding of change.

Removing the Seeds of Doubt

Removing the Seeds of Doubt

Skymet chose Hexagon to automate crop forecasting and improve estimation accuracy.

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Reality-capture solutions used to record distance; monitor movement; capture earth images, guide machinery; and create 3D models of landscapes, infrastructure or entire cities, and much more.

Our Divisions Grasping Reality for All

Grasping Reality for All

A small imaging laser scanner, the Leica BLK360 captures the world with full-colour panoramic images.

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Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing solutions that integrate sensing, thinking and acting capabilities – from people to machines – where quality drives productivity.

Our Divisions Inside SEAT Automotive

Inside SEAT Automotive

See how SEAT Automotive ensures a quality finish throughout production with help from Hexagon.

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Integrated solutions for smarter, safer, more productive mines – used to bridge the gap between planning, operations and safety and make business intelligence holistic and universal.

Our Divisions Safer Surveying in the Mine

Safer Surveying in the Mine

Hexagon is helping AngloGold Ashanti achieve new levels of safety at its underground mines in Brazil.

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Positioning Intelligence

Satellite positioning and correction solutions for land, sea and air.

Our Divisions Autonomous Cars: The Real Stuff

Autonomous Cars: The Real Stuff

AutonomouStuff is integrating Hexagon GNSS components and services for automakers and their suppliers.

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Solutions that transform unorganized data into intelligent, actionable information that enable smarter design, construction, and operation of industrial projects across the life cycle.

Our Divisions Creating in 3D

Creating in 3D

Hexagon helps Marson 3D Innovative and Isagro create a new, as-built 3D model of a facility.

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Safety & Infrastructure

Geospatial-based solutions that streamline operations, optimise resources and deliver greater insight to government, public safety, utilities and transportation organisations.

Our Divisions Improved Emergency Services

Improved Emergency Services

Hexagon has helped Madhya Pradesh Police reduce response times in India’s second-largest state.

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