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Joe Harrison: GT STRUDL, Product Innovations, Key Customers, Important Use Cases
Informed Infrastructure | July 15

New Leica Reality Capture Device Centres on Simplicity
POB | July 11

Next-Gen 3D Point Cloud Software from Leica Geosystems
POB | July 10

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Advances Convergence
Advanced Manufacturing | July 5

Field Report: HxGN LIVE
Quality Digest | June 29

Closing the Loop on Data-Driven Manufacturing
Modern Machine Shop | June 26

Closing the Loop at HxGN LIVE 2017 | June 26

MSC Software’s Debut Under the Hexagon Banner
Digital Engineering | June 19

Hexagon’s Smart Decisions Culminate in Building Smart Factory
MCADCafe | June 15

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360: Ultra-Fast Registration to Complement the BLK360
Spar3D | June 14

The Best-Performing CEOs in the World
Harvard Business Review | November 2016

Gamma 2 Robotics Launches Unique Security Robot For What Goes Bump In The Night
MCADCafe | June 2016

HxGN LIVE: Precision Mapping Underground Utilities with Combined Lidar and GPR
Between the Poles | June 2016

HxGN Live: Hyper-Spectral Camera Mounted on a UAV for Precision Agriculture and Other Applications
Between the Poles | June 2016

Retelling the Story of Manufacturing
Geospatial World | May 2016

HxGN Live: 3D Underground Utility Mapping, Indoor Mapping, UAVs and Utility Solutions
Between the Poles | June 2016

How Big is Your Feedback Loop?
Advanced Manufacturing Media | June 2016

Hexagon Looks To The Future With Manufacturing Intelligence
MCADCafe | June 2016

Fully Autonomous Security Robot Prepares to Terrify Intruders
Robotics & Automation News | June 2016

Ola Rollén Named Geospatial Business Leader of the Year
Geospatial World | May 2016

We Can't Solve Today's Problems with Yesterday's Technology
Geospatial World Annual Edition | January 2016

Bringing the Real World into the Digital World
Geospatial World Annual Edition | January 2016

Autonomous Cars: The most disruptive innovation ever
Geospatial World | November 2015

HxGN LIVE 2015
GEOInformatics | July/August 2015

Sydney surveying firm wins international award
SpatialSource | July 2015

Hexagon Live (HxGN) User Conference
ARC Advisory Group | June 2015

HxGN Live: where software, data, sensors meet
Schnitger Corporation | June 2015

Pegasus: Backpack, Leica's Wearable Scanner
Spar Point Group | June 2015

Leica Announces Autodesk Collab, Free Hi-Def Imagery
Spar Point Group | June 2015

Progressive Keynote Launches Metrology Track at HxGN LIVE 2015
CNC Times | June2015


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