Innovation in Modular Construction

We help customers avoid rework and delays in the assembly of prefabricated modules in construction projects.

Innovation in modular construction - ship building

Engineering and construction projects in every corner of the world and nearly every major industry are getting bigger and more complex. Mining, oil, automotive, marine, infrastructure and building construction are just a few of the industries in which large construction projects have significant impact on profitability and shareholder value.

Often prefabricated modules are transported over long distances before they reach their final assembly location. Risks are high that there will be problems during final assembly and construction. Dimensional errors can be caused by heat, cutting, welding or simply imprecise measurement tools and measurement processes. The results are non-conformities with the intended design, as well as very costly and time-intensive rework leading to major budget and schedule implications.

By combining industry-leading solutions from Geosystems, Manufacturing Intelligence, Process, Power & Marine and the Application Centre, Hexagon helps customers avoid these challenges. We close this gap in the modular construction workflow by:
  • Combining accurate measurement with high-end analysis to detect dimensional non-conformities and deviations as early as possible during the manufacturing and assembly process
  • Supplying real-time feedback to the fabrication teams, allowing them to take corrective action in early stages
  • Permitting immediate feedback to design and planning teams for optimised corrective action
  • Elimination of significant schedule risks
  • Reduced rework
  • Reduced transportation cost
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