Innovation in Large-Scale Construction

We maximise productivity and uptime of construction equipment and other mobile assets through real-time information management and optimisation.

Innovation in large scale construction

A rapidly growing world population puts high pressure on the provision of infrastructure. Large-scale construction, airports, ports, railways, oil refineries and power and processing plants are just a few examples of industries that must continuously improve work processes to meet increasing global demands.

Many companies find that managing a wide range of mobile equipment such as trucks, excavators and cranes during construction projects is challenging and negatively impacts productivity. Under-utilisation of construction equipment, sub-optimal planning and scheduling, unplanned downtime and high fuel consumption not only increase cost, but in many cases, also cause delays.

Hexagon cooperates with customers in the area of mobile asset management to help them achieve optimal levels of proficiency, ensuring quality, safety and cost.

Our innovative mobile asset control solution:
  • Collects and analyses information related to equipment and mobile assets in real time
  • Provides workers continuous feedback and advice, enabling them to make better cost and scheduling decisions

  • Optimised asset operation and utilisation
  • Maximised performance and productivity of equipment and other mobile assets

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