Innovation in Action

Empowering customers with breakthrough innovation to close the distance between what is and what should be.


HxGN SMART Build helps improve profit margin and enables on-time and on-budget delivery of projects by simplifying, clarifying and visualizing the construction management process. This is achieved through a pioneering SaaS solution that connects all relevant project information, from design down to the smallest tasks.

Innovation in Public Safety

The need for complex urban management in public safety has increased. We help reduce the costs associated with protecting the well-being of urban residents.

Innovation in Large-Scale Construction

There is a driving need for improved infrastructure constructions. We help companies stay on schedule and budget by optimising the use of mobile equipment.

Innovation in Modular Construction

Construction projects are benefitting from modular construction that requires the assembly of prefabricated structures that are often made far away from the final site. So while it offers many benefits, these projects are prone to rework and delays. Hexagon closes the gaps in workflows with a solution that avoids costly assembly issues.