Seth Adams

Seth Adams

Seth Adams is part of the North America Hexagon Mobile Mapping Team for support and applications.

Seth says his favorite part about working for Hexagon is the technological advances he gets to experience every day and helping customers accomplish what wasn’t possible before.

“The idea of putting external sensor ports on the Pegasus 2 is huge because before this advancement in technology, mobility was limited,” he says. “But now, there is no end to what we can do.

“Hexagon’s ability to provide customers the ability to attach any external sensors to the Pegasus is exciting because this new data lays right over the technology the customer is already using, making their lives easier and saving them money in the long run.”

Seth started his career in the construction business, but his real vision for helping people began in junior high school when he met his best friend, who was from Ghana, Africa. After hearing about the conditions in which his friend’s family lived, Seth’s heart was moved by the thought that clean drinking water should be available to everyone.

Seth travels to Malawi, Africa, for two weeks every summer to realise his vision from many years ago – to help those in third-world countries purify their water. “I didn’t think there was a greater vision than to help give people a clean glass of water and build a structure for them to live in.”

Seth Adams is shaping smart change by making the impossible, possible.

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