Rogerio Rigato

Rogerio Rigato

Rogerio Rigato of Hexagon Brazil (formerly Sisgraph) works in business development for the Safety & Infrastructure and Geospatial portfolios, helping build solutions that merge these portfolios and tailor functionality to customer needs.

Rogerio and his team worked on a project for the 2016 summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, helping create 3D maps to enhance planning for firefighters and EMS first responders during the international event.

3D mapping made it easier to plan their resource allocation, ensuring vehicles and officers were [optimally placed] during the event,” says Rogerio. “What’s great about Hexagon is our capability to build solutions where maps are ignited with historical and real-time data from existing isolated technologies.”

Rogerio, who says he is a bit of a geek, discovered a love for geographic information systems (GIS) at a young age. Creating maps and analysis were so much fun, Rogerio studied geography in college and pursued the study of GIS.

After graduating, he started work as a GIS technician. When asked what he enjoys most about working with Hexagon, he says, “I like to design solutions where our dynamic and integrated approach to map analysis is the key to unlocking useful insight into overwhelming amounts of data. Being able to connect cross-industry legacy systems that our customers are already using – without causing any disruption to their existing workflows – is also very satisfying!”

Rogerio Rigato is shaping smart change by making sense of data to support faster and better decisions.

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