Brandon Neer

Brandon Neer

Brandon Neer, a six-year veteran of Hexagon, recently made the leap from applications to sales and serves as Sales Specialist for Leica Absolute trackers.

“I wanted to be in sales, because it’s a skill set that will always be in demand,” says Brandon. “Plus, there is something about the competitive piece of it that is exhilarating!”

According to Brandon, what draws people to work for Hexagon is that they don’t get pigeon-holed into a single industry.

“I love being able to go into places that ordinary people don’t get to and see things that no one ever gets to see; we get access to that. We implement solutions to fix the issues on these huge, great things that no one ever gets to see. I think that is just exciting.”

Brandon Neer is shaping smart change by learning new job skills to enhance his breadth of knowledge.

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